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Honoring Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans

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Rob Bell Proposes License Plate Honoring Virginia Veterans

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   Enduring Freedom Vets - Virginia License Plate

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New License Plate Proposed to Honor Enduring Freedom Vets        Video

License Plate for Veterans of Enduring Freedom

On November 11, 2008, Veterans gathered at 1:30 pm at the War Memorial in front of Albemarle County Courthouse for a Press Conference announcing legislation to create a license plate honoring Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Virginia Delegate Rob Bell (Albemarle-58) plans to introduce the bill in the 2009 General Assembly Session.

Our purpose in working to have an Operation Enduring Freedom license plate offered is to honor the thousands of Virginians who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States in Operation Enduring Freedom, the official name used by the U.S. Government for its contribution to the Global War on Terror. OEF veterans have served in Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, Philippines, Trans Sahara, Kyrgyzstan, and Pankisi Gorge and have been instrumental in reducing the threat of al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other terrorist organizations to preserve the freedoms and way of life enjoyed by the people of the United States. 

Proposed Design

The current proposed design depicts an American Flag and a Bald Eagle, perhaps the two most powerful symbols of America's Enduring Freedom.  The colors were chosen from the US Armed Forces' Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions on the current proposed design, please e-mail them to: enduringfreedomplate@hotmail.com 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an OEF veteran. How do I order an Operation Enduring Freedom License Plate?

Once the OEF Plate bill is passed and signed into law, the Department of Motor Vehicles will finalize the design of the plate and begin to offer them for sale at your local DMV. Once DMV begins issuing the plates, you will need to bring with you your DD-214 showing your service in Operation Enduring Freedom.

What is needed for the plate to be approved?

Delegate Rob Bell (Albemarle-58) has introduced the legislation in the House of Delegates. It must be passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor to be approved.

Does this plate apply to antique or motorcycle plates?

No, this only applies to automobile plates.

Can I get personalized plates?

Yes, but you must add $10.00 for a total of $20.00 with your application.

Can I transfer my existing personalized plate?

Yes, but you still must pay the additional $10.00 for a total of $20.00 with your application.

Will my plate look like the current design?

Maybe, D.M.V. reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the design.

How long will does the process take to get the plate approved?

We hope to have the bill passed in the 2009 legislative session and signed by the Governor in Spring 2009.

Operation Enduring Freedom License Plate Committee

Chris Winslow, USN

Jeff Ellick, USAR

Todd Knode, USMC

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